VolunteerHub’s Volunteering Drive

Volunteering Drive is a new feature of VolunteerHub which is revolutionising how group bookings work in the volunteer sector.

The tool simplifies the process for volunteer managers, reduces cancellations by increasing accountability for volunteers signing up, and lessens the admin burden on charities.

What is Volunteering Drive?

Volunteering Drive helps you coordinate multiple groups of volunteers attending various charities on specific days.

It allows volunteer managers to create an event on our booking platform (for example a ‘Volunteering Week’), populate it with volunteering opportunities of their choice, and promote it exclusively to their colleagues.

Colleagues are able to view and book their volunteering online, with each session’s availability updating in real time.

Why Volunteering Drive?

This is a fantastic evolution of our previous offline approach to organising ‘Volunteering Weeks’. By ditching excel spreadsheets and moving the process online all your volunteering is kept in one place, your colleagues have a consistent experience, and we remove the risk of double-booking.

It’s also, quite frankly, a lot less admin for you!

Red Letter Day

With Volunteering Drive you can organise volunteering events over days, weeks, or even months. Multiple Volunteering Drive events can be created at the same time and run in parallel.

You can use these events to encourage volunteering amongst colleagues during quieter periods of the year.

Up-to-the-minute analytics

All Volunteering Drive bookings are automatically logged along with all your other volunteering data on DataHub.

Charity Choice

Volunteering opportunities are sourced from across the entirety of Benefacto’s charity base meaning you can offer colleagues a great range of volunteering days and causes.

Customise when to share your Volunteering Drive and who share it with

Volunteering Drive events can be promoted to everyone at the company through the Benefacto volunteering platform. Alternatively, we can create a specific link that makes the event only available to certain teams or departments. Events can also be set up in advance and scheduled to come online at your convenience.

Booking System

Similarly to VolunteerHub’s regular volunteering opportunities, you can book on to a Volunteering Drive activity through benefacto.org. Using this sign up process increases volunteer accountability and reduces drop-outs for your volunteering shifts.

Below is a run-though of how your colleagues will be able to find and book your Volunteering Drive event from Benefacto’s homepage.

How can I set up a Volunteering Drive event?

We recommend a lead time of at least six weeks to set up your Volunteering Drive event.

At busy times of the year (especially in the summer and in the lead up to Christmas) the availability of our charities may be limited.

To set up your event, simply:

  1. get in touch with our Community Partnerships Managers, Leonie and Ndidi (hello@benefacto.org), to discuss when you’d like your event to run, the charities you’d like to promote and how many people you hope will take part
  2. we’ll send over a list of suggestions for charity days
  3. once you have confirmed which volunteering opportunities you’d like us to include, we’ll create your event on your VolunteerHub page

Promoting Volunteering Drive

You can visit our mission control to download materials which will help you promote your volunteering event to your colleagues.

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