Record and report your community investment using DataHub Gold

Is recording your company’s community investment programmes giving you a headache? Benefacto’s DataHub Gold could simplify the process and save you hours of admin time each month.

Benefacto’s DataHub helps your organisation give more effectively by providing a single, simple-to-use platform to record all the great work you’re doing around volunteering and donations.

Why record community investment data?

By recording your community investment data you are able to track progress, celebrate strengths, highlight improvement points and get buy-in to run more great programmes.

What are the common pitfalls?

  • people are uncertain what data to record
  • it’s difficult to keep data clean and consistent
  • it’s a struggle to get colleagues to record their giving
  • even once you have all the data, it’s a fiddle to prepare reports and insights

How DataHub Helps

Provides you with a clear and effective structure on what to record
The system was developed off the back of conversations with hundreds of CSR professionals and aligns with GivX.

Keeps your data clean and consistent
The input form makes sure all your data is uniform.

Encourages staff to record their data
Share bespoke online forms with colleagues through a URL link or by embedding it on a web page.

Easily analyse and produce graphics for reports
DataHub produces graphs to help you analyse and communicate your giving.

DataHub tutorial video

Sign Up

DataHub Gold costs £630 a year and you’re able to sign up for a free two-week trial to test the system before becoming a full member.

Non-GivX users: sign up here.

GivX users: sign in and sign up for a DataHub Gold trial on your profile

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