Corporate Volunteer Supporting in West London

Mr Boden lends a helping hand at Acton Homeless Concern

Benefacto’s newest team member, Stevie Back, volunteers with Johnnie Boden.

Last Friday I had the pleasure of catching up with Johnnie Boden volunteering down at Acton Homeless Concern. As the newest member of the Benefacto team I wanted to go down and see the project in action. Johnnie and I had a fantastic time helping prepare lunch for nearly 200 people as well as serving breakfast to 68 homeless and vulnerable individuals.

Stevie with a donation of Pret sandwiches 

Benefacto is proud to have had Boden recently join our books and it was fantastic to see Mr Boden himself leading by example on Friday. Before I’d even arrived Johnnie had his stripy pinny on, sleeves rolled up and was busy getting down to work. The key to a meaningful and rewarding volunteering experience is to really get stuck in, talk to people and lend a hand wherever you can and Johnnie did just that.

Johnnie getting stuck into the washing up

The team in the kitchen are wonderful, Rose, Meera and their regular volunteers provide an invaluable service for some of West London’s most vulnerable people.

The centre asks no questions and operates an open door policy where those most in need are offered overwhelming generosity and kindness: they offer a safe space out of the rain, a hot meal, a shower, medical and housing advice as well as a whole host of other services. They were even giving out donated cartons of milk and Pret A Manger sandwiches!

We would like to thank Johnnie and all of our Boden volunteering pioneers who have already donated so much of their time to support Acton Homeless Concern and we look forward to welcoming many more in the future!

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