The DECC Correspondence Team Supporting Vibast Community Centre

Doug Chang | 1 July 16

Last week, 4 members of the DECC Correspondence Team spent the day helping out at F&C Volunteers’ Vibast Community Centre in Old Street. Here’s what the team had to say about their experience:

The Community Centre

“The Centre is run by volunteers who provide lunch and entertainment to a number of elderly and vulnerable people in the local area every Monday and Thursday (a group of colleagues from the Clean Energy Directorate had been there on the Monday).”

What they Did

“On arrival, we helped prepare potatoes and mixed salad for lunch (the menu for the day was meatballs with mashed potatoes and mixed salad followed by either mixed fruit and ice cream or rice pudding).

People started to arrive from 1130 onwards and we provided them with tea and company.

We then helped serve the food.

Other regular volunteers ran a raffle (we had been asked to take along various raffle prizes).

The ‘Correspondence Volunteers’ washed and dried the dishes after the lunch and the day’s activities concluded with bingo.

We then helped put away the lunch plates and cutlery, put down the tables and set out chairs for an event that evening.”

How They Got On

“In conclusion, a very satisfying experience where we felt that we were delivering something of real benefit to the wider community. The senior citizens were grateful for our help and we enjoyed chatting to them and making them feel welcome. They were all from the local area had interesting stories to tell. My colleague, Silvana, had the chance to use her Italian with one lady!

It is certainly something that members of our group would do again and we would highly recommend it to wider DECC colleagues who are looking for a fulfilling Corporate Objective.”


DECC Correspondence Team

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