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Insights into CR released at GivX Summit

We were delighted to host our second annual event on Community Investment, the GivX Summit, yesterday morning at the Bank of England.

The Bank of England’s Deputy Governor for Monetary Policy, Ben Broadbent, opened the event by highlighting the Bank’s history, its contribution to the community and its continued support of the GivX framework.

“Last year, the Bank was one of the 28 pioneering organisations to support the launch of the GivX benchmark. This year we were delighted to continue our support by hosting the GivX Summit at the Bank of England and were pleased to welcome the 87 organisations that submitted their data this year.
“The Bank is driven by data and without data progress can’t be measured and tracked. This extends to measuring Community Investment – people spending time improving their local community or helping people in their daily lives. The GivX benchmark is therefore useful as a simple way for companies to measure Community Investment with just six data points.”
– Ben Broadbent, Deputy Governor for Monetary Policy, Bank of England

Next to the floor was Linz Darlington, GivX co-Founder, who presented the key points from this year’s GivX benchmark.

Among the findings, the data revealed how companies of different sizes contributed to communities in the UK.

Table on variation of overall median

By comparing each size bracket against the median of the overall data and found that the best-performing companies tend to be between 250 and 5000 employees, while companies that are smaller or bigger tend to give less per employee.

We also compared companies within the same industry. We wanted to see a breakdown of what industries were giving and find out where each industry was contributing the most. For example, we found the legal sector‘s most significant contribution was professional volunteering, highlighting the sector’s commitment to pro bono work.

Industry pie charts

Across industries, this serves to reinforce one of GivX’s key messages: companies should give what they’re good at.

Companies who submitted to GivX this year can access the GivX benchmarking tool to compare against themselves other companies of similar size or industry.

The GivX Summit was also a chance to celebrate the top-ranking companies in UK community investment. This year, the top-ranking community investor in the UK was National Grid with 9,979 GivX points (or £9,979) per employee, followed by British Land with 8,166 then ITV with 7,424.

To view all our findings and a complete list of the GivX winners, download the 2018 GivX Report.

GivX Report

Download the 2018 GivX Report.

What is GivX?

If you haven’t heard about it before, GivX is a framework for putting a value on your corporate giving and to help you benchmark against your peers.

By contributing anonymously to the annual GivX data-set, you get unparalleled insight into sector-wide benchmarking whilst contributing to the collective development of good practice in the profession.

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