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GivX Submission Closes at Three Times Last Year’s Entrants

We are delighted to announce that GivX submission closed on Friday with more than 85 entrants this year, which is three times more entrants than last year’s GivX benchmark.

Given this record number of submissions, all industries with 10 or more companies will get an industry-specific benchmark.

This year, we’ve had enough companies from each of the sectors below to do an industry specific benchmark.

  • Law
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • Media, Communications & Technology

Congratulations to all those who submitted! We’d like to thank you for pioneering this initiative which sheds light on what UK companies are giving and broadens the available data for CR practitioners.

To celebrate your achievements, join us at the entrants-only GivX Summit at the Bank of England this September. More details will be sent out to GivX 2018 entrants shortly.

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