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Doug Chang | 17 June 16

EV News is Benefacto’s weekly Corporate Social Responsibility bulletin. Each Friday morning, we provide hand-picked articles to keep you up to date with the latest movements and trends in the employee volunteering industry.

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15th July
An interesting summary of different corporate’s CSR programmes
The Market Mogul
Why banks are losing out to technology firms when recruiting graduates and how they are using CSR to combat this
List of Business in the Community’s “2016 Responsible Business Awards” winners with a brief description of some of the programmes
Financial Times
8th July
Cameron’s 3 days volunteering policy survey results. CSR leaders’ thoughts on the effect it will have on businesses and charities.
Insightful study looking at the skill development which different types of volunteering can have.
Science Daily
1st July
NCVO’s Chief Executive gives his thoughts on Brexit’s effect on charities.
How Cameron’s Big Society contributed to Brexit and why we need it now more than ever.
Civil Society
A look at GSK and Patagonia’s approaches to increasing employee engagement.
Sustainable Brands
24th June
How corporates can respond to the public’s increasing cynicism towards CSR.
The Standard
The influence of CSR on creative video advertising.
Campaign Live
How and why businesses and their CSR programs benefit from being purpose driven.
Huffington Post
A downloadable and customisable presentation on the employee volunteering business case.
A summary and analysis of various CSR studies (mainly Cone Communication) – some interesting stats in this!
Just Means

17th June
5 Ideas to Encourage Your Employees to Volunteer
3BL Media
Why Volunteering is the Single Most Overlooked Skill on Resumes
Fast Company
10th June
Dig for (Volunteering) Victory
Drive Forward Foundation
How Volunteering Improves Employee’s Performance
Reading Eagle
Accenture’s 2020 Vision Report
3rd June
What Makes Some People More Likely to Volunteer than Others?
The Guardian
Summary of New Employee Engagement Research
3 BL Media
27th May
What Will Cameron’s Three Day Volunteering Leave Mean for Charities?
Corporations Need to Avoid the Ethical Blindspots of Volunteerism
LSE Business Review
The Value of Family Values
The Guardian
20th May
Lloyds Banking Group Employees Take Part in Volunteering Initiative
Employee Benefits
How to Successfully Engage Your Employees in Corporate Volunteering Programs
Why Purpose is Key to Success in Twenty-first Century Business
City A.M.
13th May
How To Create A Human-Centered Approach To Corporate Giving
Survey Reveals Offices ‘could do more’ to Improve Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Experts Share Employee Engagement Strategies for Sustainability
Cultivating Capital
6th May
Firms Urged to Join “Give & Gain Day”
News Letter
“Purpose” Is the Key to Engaging Millennials in Volunteering Giving
Huffington Post
4 Ways to Boost Engagement on Your Volunteering Platform
Huffpost Business
29th April
Five Tips to Creating a Meaningful Volunteer Program
Idaho Statesman
When do People Volunteer?
All quiet on the Volunteering Pledge
Third Sector
Capital One and McDonald’s named Best Workplaces UK
Employee Benefits
22nd May
Bear Grylls: “Volunteer and You Can Take the Lead”
Business Charity Awards 2016: Yorkshire Building Society Wins Employee Engagement Initiative of the Year
Third Sector
Business Charity Awards 2016: CSR Team of the Year – JPA Furniture
Third Sector
33 Talent Sees More Clients Reaching Out for CSR and Sustainability Roles (coming to London this year)
Corporate Social Responsibility Is Not a Marketing Strategy
15th April
Volunteer for the Health of it
The Business Times
Civil Aviation Authority joins Benefacto
Volunteering Can Foster Talent Development
3 BL Media
Find Out if Your Employer Actually Cares About CSR
How CSR Adds Value to Business
Urban Element
8th April
Defining CSR Success
This is What Engaged Organisations are Doing Differently
Huffington Post
Corporate Philanthropy: The Bottom Line for Engagement
Business 2 Community
The Real Purpose of Corporate Social Responsibility
1st April
Brands Must Become Sustainable or Risk Irrelevance
The Guardian
Blackbaud Updates Employee Giving and Volunteering Cloud Solution
Globe News Wire
UK Jobseekers Overlook Value of Volunteering
Recruitment Buzz
Accenture Releases 2015 Corporate Citizenship Report
Business Wire

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