Calling all Companies and Charities in Leeds

Following our launch in Manchester last year, we’re delighted to announce Benefacto will be expanding into Leeds this summer – join our group of pioneering companies and charities in the city.

From July onwards, Leeds companies will easily be able to find and book volunteering at local charities through the Benefacto website. Benefacto offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities, reduces admin time for charities and encourages more people to volunteer through our high-energy campaigns.

In 2017 alone, Benefacto organised nearly 6,000 volunteering shifts in London and Manchester and the number of people using our booking platform is still rising. We want to keep up this amazing momentum and have our sights firmly set on a Leeds launch campaign this summer.

Last year, businesses and professionals took part in our Manchester launch campaign, the Volunteer Buzz. The volunteers’ enthusiasm was genuinely heart-warming as they supported ten charities doing fantastic work in the city. We’re almost a year on from the launch and Benefacto has grown to support more businesses and 14 different Manchester charity projects.

You can read about the Volunteer Buzz here:

We’re calling on local businesses and charities to join our Leeds launch campaign and lead an employee volunteering movement in the city. Similarly to the Volunteer Buzz, our initial group of pioneering businesses will work together to support local charities and be at the heart of Benefacto’s employee volunteering campaign in the city.

We are seriously excited about this and would like to speak to any companies or charities in the area who want to take part.

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