Breakfast Meeting: Cameron’s 3 Day Volunteering Leave

Ben Darlington | 23 March 16

Cameron’s 3 Day Volunteering Leave: What does it mean for you?

On Wednesday 27 April we’re hosting a breakfast meeting at law firm Weil, to hopefully shed some light on this question.

David Cameron has recently re-stated his pledge to offer three days paid volunteering leave for all workers in the UK (amongst businesses of a certain size.) The policy would mean businesses were required to give staff this time.

Many of the professionals we speak to have expressed uncertainty and concern over what it’ll mean for their business if the policy comes into place.

We’ll be discussing initial reactions to the news of David Cameron’s three days volunteering policy, thinking about its implications, and its potential impact on companies and charities.

The meeting will be a chance to chat to other CSR and HR professionals, and share stories, concerns and insights. We hope the meeting will be a really useful event for those across the sector who are interested in maximising the impact of the policy, and should go some way towards helping everyone feel a bit more prepared.

If you’re interested in coming along, enter your details below and we’ll be in touch!

In the meantime, keep up to date with the latest policy developments on our blog.

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