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Doug Chang | 12 May 16

Another month and another milestone for Benefacto. We are proud to announce our board of non executive directors! We’re celebrating the formation of a group of advisors so esteemed and experienced, they would make the Dragons Den blush.

We must be doing something right!

We’ve had a really exciting year or two at Benefacto, building volunteer numbers, working with more charity partners and supporting more companies with their corporate volunteering programs. We’re honoured to have the support and guidance of our new board to help us grow our impact.

So without further ado we present to you (in no particular order):

Pauline Broomhead

Pauline is the founder and CEO of the Federation for Social Improvement (FSI) which champions thousands of small charities in the UK, allowing them to reach their full potential. Pauline knows exactly what small charities need in order for them to grow, and we’ll be drawing on her experience to understand how we can best support the charitable organisations we work with. A guest at our Breakfast Meeting last week, Pauline didn’t mince her words when she lent her fascinating insight to our corporate guests. Who better to have as our third sector thermometer?!

John McLaren Stewart

John is a true veteran entrepreneur having built and exited two insurance companies, before becoming Managing Director of Andrew Thompson & Associates. He has a wealth of experience in creating and maintaining company relationships with bags of skill and charisma to go along with it! At Benefacto, he’ll be working on our business development method and mentoring me, Doug. 

Claire Chapman

An experienced company director and current company Secretary and General Counsel to DMGT, Claire brings a wealth of legal experience to Benefacto’s operations and development helping us refine our approach as we expand.

Not only that, as Chair of the CR Committee at DMGT, she has a keen understanding of how to build volunteering into corporate life and inspire her colleagues to get involved.

Rachel Friend

Rachel is the Managing Director of Weber Shandwick’s London branch and is a bona fide Public Relations and Communications guru. Benefacto will be receiving invaluable guidance from her about how to develop greater awareness of our volunteering revolution. Meanwhile, we are planning an exciting project with Weber Shandwick which we can’t wait to tell you all about.


We want to thank all our board members for lending their expertise to the cause, which will lead to even more local London charities receiving helpful volunteers throughout the year. All of us at Benefacto HQ are genuinely excited about the prospect of working with these industry heavyweights and seeing their solid guidance help our charities flourish.

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Doug is Benefacto’s Manchester Manager. His aim is to increase the amount of meaningful employee volunteering being done in the city. By working closely with charities, companies and employee volunteers, Doug is always keen to find new ways to encourage more people to help out in the local community. Contact If you’d like to have a chat about volunteering and find out more about Benefacto Manchester.