Accenture’s 2020 Vision Report in Partnership with Benefacto

Doug Chang | 7 June 16

Created in partnership with Benefacto, Accenture have released their Employer-Supported Volunteering (ESV) vision for 2020. The report looks at the expected development of employee volunteering within the next five years.

Since 2001, Accenture have been offering their employees paid time off to volunteer during working hours.Drawing from these 15 years of experience and extensive research, the current trends in and impact of ESV are illustrated and analysed.

Five key trends have been defined. Each has been dissected to discuss impact, opportunity and recommendations for businesses to consider. An individual case study to highlight how each trend could be addressed is also presented.The five key trends outlined on the ESV horizon are:

  1.     ESV as the Standard, not the Differentiator: To stand out, businesses will need to maximize their volunteering impact by increasing employee participation and closely aligning their volunteering to the needs of the third sector.
  2.     ESV Capitalization: The strain which the predicted influx of volunteers will have on the third sector means businesses must ensure their programmes help charities without creating additional work and costs for them. Volunteering brokerages can be used here to help businesses achieve this.
  3.     The Rise of Micro-volunteering: The low administrative cost and convenience of micro-volunteering will attract more employees as micro-volunteers
  4.     The Digital Skills Gap: The demand for digital skills training will grow within the voluntary sector and should be addressed by ESV programmes.
  5.     The Internet of Me: ESV programmes will attract more volunteers through the personalisation of volunteering opportunities.

Read the full report about these keys trends here.

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