Benefacto is a social enterprise on a mission to engage more professional people in meaningful volunteering. Done right, Employee Volunteering strengthens the over-stretched charity sector and enhances the service received by those in need. It develops the skills of all involved, creates a cross pollination of ideas between different groups in our society and builds a greater understanding of how to support others in overcoming the challenges they face.

A Sustainable Approach

At the forefront of our every decision is ensuring the impact we have on our workforce, suppliers, the environment and the community is a positive one. A platitude in a glossy report this is not: Benefacto is one of the UK's founding BCorps which means we're certified as having rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

The Power of Enterprise

At Benefacto we achieve our social mission through providing a valuable service to our charity partners. These activities are funded by a host of consulting, communications and brokerage services we provide to businesses to engage their workforces in volunteering. Our workforce combines the best of the private and third sectors. We are principled, creative, technologically innovative and efficient.

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Benefacto have won the "Best for the World - Customers" award 2016 for creating the most overall positive customer impact! We have been recognised for creating the most positive overall community impact by B the Change and B Corp

About The Team

Linz Darlington

Founder and CEO
Find out more about Linz

Lucy Hayim

Head of Operations
Find out more about Lucy

Ben Darlington

Head of Business Development
Find out more about Ben

Doug Chang

Marketing and Digital Manager
Find out more about Doug

Joshua Gomes

Technical Product Manager
Find out more about Josh

Rebecca Kuye

Membership Executive
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Ndidi Okoye

Charity Partnerships and Volunteer Coordinator
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Leonie Wright

Charity Partnerships and Volunteer Coordinator
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